L I T E R A T U R   A L D I Z K A R I E N



                   - Orrialde nagusira itzuli
                   - Korrok aldizkaria
                   - Ale honen aurkibidea

                   - Ale honi buruzkoak (azalaren irudia eta fitxa)

Aurreko artikulua— Korrok-Korrika (7. zenbakia) (1985-maiatza) —Hurrengo artikulua



Atzera begira


"Today, fourty years ago, started in the town of Tardets the so-cailed KORRIKA ("jogging"), organized by the A.E.K. (Basque Cultural Club), which lasted for 10 days and discurred through the whole Basque Country, ending in Pamplona City the 10th of June.

        Lots and lots of people took part in the 4th KORRIKA, with the slogan "Hizkuntza bat, herri bat, nazio bat" (One language, one people, one nation), mainly in the big cities, where a huge sort of amusements took place, such as music and dance festivals, rural sport shows and so on.

        Although our ancestors were unable to keep the euskara (Basque language) alive, it is rather clear that they used to amuse themselves a lot with this kind of happennings".

        For the "Iruñea Daily', in Pamplona City (U.S.A.), the 31 st May of 2.025, the "Brave New World Press" agent, Koldo Martinez.-


Literatur Aldizkarien Gordailua Susa argitaletxearen egitasmoa da.